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September 25, 2015

Information about the new school construction will be posted on "Our New School" page. 

This site is being migrated to www.fhhsaa.com . Please start using this site: www.fhhsaa.com . Transfer should be completed by the end of April. THANKS!!


          Hello Hornets! I am Daphne Bell, the current President of the Fairmont Heights High School Alumni Association (FHHSAA). We are unique and like no other organization due in part to the vast and rich history of Fairmont Heights High School (FHHS). It's historical significance is second to none. We will need your continued support and help (financially - pay annual dues or become a lifetime member) and in person ( join a committee - attend meeting and events) in order to keep the dream alive. Participate in the upcoming election process. Let your voices be heard and be a part of the process in determining the future of "historical" Fairmont Heights High School. Your support and comments are welcome.

Please continue to support the Annual Reunion Dance. This is our primary source of funds for student scholarships. Become a member of the FHHS Alumni Association, and plan to participate in the upcoming events. Join a Committee and  help with the day to day operation of your association. Your ideas , opinions and suggestions are very important to us! If you have any inputs or suggestions for the FHHS Alumni Association, please contact: Daphne Bell at E-Mail: daphnebe11@yahoo.com or FHHSAA website at E-Mail address: alumni@fhhsaa.org .

To All Alumni of Fairmont Heights High School


We are writing to inform you of what is going on with our Alma Mater, Fairmont Heights High School (FHHS).


We need your help.  Please copy this letter and give it to everyone you know or come in contact with who graduated from Fairmont Heights High School.


A decision was made a few years ago to replace the existing FHHS facility with a new state of the art facility.  Funding was requested and approved from the state of Maryland and Prince George's County.  Land was obtained nearby on Columbia Park Road.  The design of the new facility has been approved.  Currently the permit and bidding processes are underway.


The Fairmont Heights High School Alumni Association (FHHSAA) is actively involved in the process.  We have met with school officials in charge of the construction and with the principal of FHHS.  Our main objective is to ensure that what has been promised is delivered.


We want and need for all members of the alumni to be informed and be involved to the extent possible.  First, if you are not currently a member of the alumni, we ask that you join by paying either $10 per year or pay $200 one time for lifetime membership.  Information on membership is on our website.


We are in the process of updating our website, www.fhhsaa.org.  On the website you will find information about the construction of the new FHHS.  There will be pictures, a Power Point presentation that you can view and download, a PDF file that you can view and download.  Other important information concerning the construction will be added to the website as it becomes available.


A webcam feed to our website will also be available once construction begins.  From the webcam you will be able to view the construction as it progresses.


FHHSAA meets monthly.  Dates of meetings will be posted on the website.  Everyone is invited to attend.  If you cannot attend but would like to participate in the meeting, a conference telephone line has been established for our meetings.  You can call, 1-857-232-0159, conference code 779230.  Meetings will be recorded and made available on the website.


Details of how you can become involved will be posted on the website, including the date of the Ground Breaking.


Please check the website frequently.


Remember, please share this letter with everyone you know or meet who graduated from FHHS.


Important Information

1.    State of the art facility to replace the old FHHS facility.

2.    The new facility will be named Fairmont Heights High School.

3.    Groundbreaking taking place on October 15, 2014 at 10:00am at 6501 Columbia Park Road, Hyattsville, Maryland 20785.

4.    Fall of 2016 is the target date for moving into the new facility.

5.    Location on Columbia Park Road, approximately 1.5 miles from current location.

6.    Three academies will be in the new FHHS:  Information Technology, Environmental Sciences and Performing Arts.

7.    The new facility will house, in addition to classrooms to support the academies:

a.         Auditorium

b.        Media Center

c.         Two gymnasiums

d.        Cafeteria

e.         Football stadium

f.         Baseball Stadium

g,         Softball Stadium

h.        Two Soccer Fields

i.          Tennis Courts

j.          Outdoor Basketball Courts

k.         Wellness Center

l.          Special Education Regional Program



          PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DONATIONS for the scholarship fund are tax deductible. All Fairmont Heights High School Alumni Association (FHHSAA) sponsored events raise funds for Fairmont Heights High School student scholarships.


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